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Many years ago, I discovered the Pearls of Life prayer beads. I realized that this beautiful aid to contemplation was not well known outside Scandinavia and Europe. Inspired to share the simplicity and profundity of the Pearls, I began making and selling them on Etsy. Now I find that inspiring others is what most fuels my creativity.


This blog is designed to offer creative ideas for learning about, using, and sharing the Pearls of Life. Most of the material comes from non-English sites, so I rely on automatic translation tools to render the English. This is clunky at times, but I hope that readers will be sympathetic and find solace and uplifting joy scanning all the possibilities for living with and from the Pearls of Life.


Please note that this blog appears without advertisements! It is for information and educational purposes. If you wish to support this work, please visit this Etsy shop, where you can find many versions of the Pearls, as well as other prayer beads and informational materials.

Jennifer Wheeler

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