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  • Jennifer Wheeler

A seaside Pearls of Life installation

Enjoy this virtual visit to a new Pearls of Life installation at Sjöliden, the sea!

"The pearls on Sjöliden are large cast orbs that we painted and lacquered in the same colors as in the bracelet: the God Pearl is gold, placed at the water below the chapel. Right next to it is the little one white I Pearl. Along the waterline, you will find the white Baptism Pearl and the brown Desert Pearl. Walk further up the footpath and there, at the side of a big house, the Serenity Pearl is balanced. Along the rock wall are the two red Love Pearls.

"Further in the park, the three Mystery Pearls are hidden, two white and one green. In the privet hedge, near the ground, is the black Night Pearl. Finally, you will come to the Resurrection Pearl, large and white, in front of the chapel. There are also six oblong Pearls of Silence turned in wood, interspersed with the other Pearls, just as in the bracelet.

"The Pearls are placed on boulders, some taken from the cemetery and some from the main entrance to Sjöliden. Stones that were hidden in the ground were temporarily placed in the driveway, saying, 'Hi, here I am, waiting to wear a pearl!'

"The Pearls are in place, and we are so happy to welcome you to visit. Hike the Pearl walk and use the Pearls for your own meditation or as an opening to conversation with others you meet, perhaps about life, silence, the desert, love, death, and God.

Or sit on the bench up at the Serenity Pearl. Enjoy the scent of the honeysuckle that grows there, look out over the sea, and just enjoy the place and the moment."

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