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  • Jennifer Wheeler

An Overview of the Meaning of the Pearls of Life

Each of the beads in the Pearls of Life has a meaning. This diagram will help you learn what each bead represents. It is a basic explanation. Having learned it, you can adapt the Pearls to your own unique way of practice.

  • ​The round gold Pearl of God reminds us that God is always with us and loves us.

  • Six oblong Pearls of Silence remind us to shut out our distractions and that as we approach God, words are not necessary.

  • The small white I Pearl reminds us to turn inward and that we are created in God’s image.

  • The larger white Baptism Pearl reminds us we can start over.

  • The beige Desert Pearl represents the difficulties that challenge us and cause us to grow.

  • The blue Serenity Pearl represents faith and courage that can arise in stillness.

  • The two red Love Pearls are for being loved and for loving others.

  • Three small white Pearls of Mystery stand for our inner secrets.

  • The black Night Pearl represents darkness and doubt.

  • The white Resurrection Pearl stands for faith and hope that triumph over all.

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