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  • Jennifer Wheeler

Candle holders recreate the Pearls of Life

A confirmation camp in Finland used colored candle holders to recreate the Pearls of Life.

We are sitting on the floor and in the middle there are candles in a ring that looks like the savior's wreath, a prayer band with pearls. For those who are a little frozen, there are fleece blankets to wrap themselves in. I see that some of the confirmands are wearing a savior wreath bracelet that they themselves knotted together the first day during the camp. We are silent, calm music comes from a CD player and we listen when one of the leaders reads from Martin Lönnebo's book Konfirmandängeln. Today, it is the pearls of love that are the theme. I am moved, to be a part of this community, to be able to just be, think and pray for a while in the middle of the day. (Kyrka Nu, 12 June 2017)
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