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  • Jennifer Wheeler

Capturing the Pearls with photos

This photo from Facebook is fuzzy, but what a creative idea! Invite young people (or adults) to find photos that evoke the meaning of the Pearls. What images would you select?

Here are some that I chose.

For the God (gold) Pearl, a one-year time-lapse photograph of the sun from NASA.

In keeping with the celestial theme, I selected this beautiful photo of our home planet for the Serenity (blue) Pearl. Whenever I see Earth from a distance, I am filled with peace, wonder, and calm.

Where I live, the grass turns brown in winter...brown like the Desert Pearl. I like this image because it reminds me that the days of brown grass are followed by the green of spring. The days in the desert are numbered. This, too, shall pass.

For the Pearls of Silence (tan), I like this photo of a lightning whelk. On the Southeast coast of the U.S., near where I live, we find these shells often. The lightning whelk is the only species of whelk whose shells open on the left rather than the right. Have you ever held a shell up to your ear? Sometimes people say that you hear the sea. I think I hear the sound of silence. And the uniqueness of this species reminds me that silence often means going against the grain.

Each day, I could probably choose different photos. This practice could be done often, not just once!

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