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  • Jennifer Wheeler

Embroidery and the Pearls - a meditative pairing

This group at Västerstrands church in Karlstad, Sweden, gather regularly to do embroidery together as a contemplative and meditative practice. They choose different themes to inspire their work. One theme for a series of get-togethers was the Pearls of Life.

The participants are given a piece of fabric and let the embroidery grow based on the Pearl and text of the day.

In embroidery, there are often many choices, such as color, thread and fabric, but in this circle the choices are limited. The idea is that the participants should create based on the small and the simple and not spend a lot of time choosing and thinking.

There is a quiet conversation around the table focusing on existential thoughts and questions. The group's organizer keeps pen and paper to hand and makes notes based on participants' sharing. These are shared in a service, also focusing on the Pearls and at which the embroidery is shown.

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