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  • Jennifer Wheeler

Preschool Teaches Values Based on the Pearls of Life

The Swedish Lutheran Church has three preschools in the town of Danderyd. The Pearls of Life are a focus of the curriculum. Perhaps this can be an inspiration to church-based preschools elsewhere!

"We work concretely based on Frälsarkarsen [Pearls of Life]. It is a bracelet where love, silence, hope, the self, carefreeness, secrets and the like are included in the form of beads in different colors. They provide an opportunity to talk about life, death (Pearl of the Night), faith and other important things...."

"When the children at the preschool are 5 years old, they come to the church on a treasure hunt where they finally find their own rosary as treasure.

We were a little worried the first few times that the children would hope more for sweets or toys as treasure, but it has been fascinating how happy they have become about their bracelets. This applies to both girls and boys."


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