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  • Jennifer Wheeler

The blue many possibilities

The blue pearl in the Pearls of Life is the Serenity Pearl (also known as the Carefree Pearl). Most often, that's how it's contemplated. But what about that color? What other associations do you feel with the color blue? The sky? The sea? A baby's eyes? A spring flower?

How about Mary? You may know that the color blue is associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In classical Christian iconography, Mary is usually dressed in blue. If you have a relationship to Mary--as a woman, as a mother, as the Mother--take the blue pearl and contemplate her.

Here are some thoughts from Yvonne Eriksson, a Swedish pastor who has aspired to reintroduce Mary into Lutheran churches. (Remember that Martin Luther himself continued to include Mary in his devotions after leaving the Catholic church, and there is an entire Lutheran Mariology to investigate if you want to learn more!)

It is with Mary that the New Testament begins. And she is so bold and courageous that she says "yes" to God, even though she risks being stoned if she gives birth to a child out of wedlock.
[Mary giving birth in a stable] is such a clear picture of vulnerability. She is excluded from everything, until someone takes pity and offers a place in a stable. And then she is so creative that she solves the situation.

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