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  • Jennifer Wheeler

The Green Pearl: Love for our planet

In the original edition, all the Secret Pearls were white, no green. I thought: all colors are in the white light. But we sometimes need to be reminded that we must also leave our earthly dreams to God. With the green pearl between thumb and forefinger, we can boldly sing Francis' Song of the Sun. The earth and the universe are pure secrets and wonders. We can confess our love for all living things. We are born green. Green is the sign of deaconess. (Martin Lönnebo)

In 2015, some years after the Pearls of Life were created, one of the three white Mystery Pearls (or Secret Pearls) was changed to a green pearl. This tiny bead can provide inspiration for using the Pearls of Life in practices that focus on our interdependence with our earthly home. See posts in the "Environment" category for ideas.

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