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  • Jennifer Wheeler

The Pearls...beyond words

Bishop Emeritus Martin Lönnebo. Photo - Åse Bengtsson - Scanpix

Martin Lönnebo [creator of the Pearls of Life] describes the Christian faith with more than words. In this way, his religious methodology touches more dimensions of people’s learning than simply in the verbal, intellectual, and cognitive areas. The broad tableau demonstrates a faith that is tangible, literally for the body (physically), and figuratively for thought (cognitively), and experience (emotionally and existentially). When faith becomes tangible, people are affected by existential experiences and the realisation they have been touched. …

This is especially fitting in the Lutheran tradition, with its focus on words, listening, and intellect. Life with God is about touch—beyond words.

(excerpted from 18 ideas for using the Beads of Christ)

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