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  • Jennifer Wheeler

The Pearls of Life in flowers and music

This beautiful image of the Pearls of Life expressed through flowers comes from the musical recordings of Eva Lund Neidek, a Swedish composer and musician. Along with her colleague, Todd Nilsson, she has recorded a series of songs (Livboj: En krans av sånger, "Life Preserver: A Wreath of Songs"), based on poetry of Rev. Lönnebo. Regrettably, there is no English version of the lyrics, but we can still enjoy the loveliness of the music and performances, as well as this creative floral expression of the Pearls of Life!

God Pearl: So full of life

Pearl of Silence: I breathe in

The I Pearl: A pearl in your breath

Baptism Pearl: Over my mouth and forehead

Desert Pearl: Kyrie eleison

Serenity Pearl: Let go

Love Pearls: What I have received, I want to give

Secret Pearls (Pearls of Mystery): Thanks for everything

Night Pearl: Stay with me

Resurrection Pearl: Truly

Your Life Preserver: A wreath of songs

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