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  • Jennifer Wheeler

The Sound of Worry Beads Inspires the Pearls of Life

"Shortly after his retirement in 1995, [Rev. Martin] Lönnebo went on a boat trip in the Greek islands, with a focus on ancient literature and with Greek art in mind during his visits to the the various islands. After an early autumn storm, however, he was stranded on a small island with barely fifty inhabitants. During his stay on the island, Lönnebo noticed how happy the island's priest was, singing and beaming as he wandered around among his parishioners wearing the Orthodox rosary for the Jesus Prayer.

He found also at the harbor some elderly men sitting with their Komboloi whose beads providentially clicked against each other.

Komboloi is ancient Greek and can translated with rosary in Swedish. The sound of the beads was reminiscent of music and was soothing to listen to." (from Frälsarkransen

och musikterapi [The Savior's Wreath and Music Therapy])

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